martes, 11 de junio de 2013

We've painted the playground!

We decided to paint a landscape at the big walls of the playground.
First we trace the lines of the mountains with a pencil and decided what colours are we going to use to paint the different mountains and fields.Then, every child  painted with big brushes and rolling brushes.


The tree

Every class in the school had to make a giant tree to decorate the big hall of the school for the 25th anniversary.
We chose two trees, one for each class. Firstable the kids must do the tree for themselves in a drawing paper and finally we drew the tree in a big white wrapping paper and coloured them with acrylic painting.

We are cooks.

Bread, tomatoes, olives, cheese, ham, chocolate, jam, sweets... and imagination.

Prehistoric art

We tried to draw and paint as the prehistoric men had done in the caves.
Acrylic paintings and fingers!!!!


We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the school this year and we have a logo contest.
After a little explanation the kids make their own logos.


How are you today?
We have learned a lot about feelings in the English class. Now let's draw feelings.
This work was made with watercolours and markers. Firstable they must choose a feeling a try to draw the expresion being careful with the tracing of the lips and eyes. They drew a simple outline for the face and then they coloured with watercolours.

Christmas is coming.

Every december the whole school go to a near church to sing Christmas Carols. This course we make a big poster to decorate the wall in the church.
We worked in groups, everyone drew a boy or a girl at a thick coloured paper and then ripped a rectangle of tissue paper to glue it over. Then they drew the face and shoulders with a black marker and sticked another tissue paper to make the t-shirt.
Finaly they drew and colured the t-shirt with wx crayons.